Our Case Studies

The design of a non-qualified benefit plan is ultimately achieved after considerable discussion with the proposed client. While IRC 409(A) provides clear guidance, there are a number of options that may be included in a plan to meet the specific objectives of the corporate client. The following case studies outline possible plan designs.

Case Study 1

A Flexible Retention Tool

A privately held international consulting company had a group of approximately 100 highly compensated consultants they were hoping to retain on a long term basis... Read More

Case Study 2

Corporate Contributions Increase Retention

An international bank with a strong United States presence was in a highly competitive geographic market and wanted to retain and selectively... Read More

Case Study 3

Reduce Turnover With Corporate Match

A large east coast grocery store chain employed pharmacists in each of their stores. They were experiencing 40% turnover each year within this group... Read More

Case Study 4

An Alternative to Stock Options

A private company with annual revenues in excess of $10 billon was seeking a benefit plan for its top executive group to compete with stock options offered... Read More

Case Study 5

Supplemental Executive Disability Plan

A public utility had implemented a number of Non-qualified executive benefits, including Stock Options, a SERP and an Income Deferral plan. They had... Read More