About Us

Why American Benefit Corporation and M Financial Group?

American Benefit Corporation is a highly specialized firm in a complex industry. A group of insurance professionals who approach the design, installation, communication and administration of Executive Benefit programs with skill, knowledge, experience and creativity. American Benefit Corporation is located in Vermont, a place where independent thinking is valued, encouraged; where pride in workmanship and quality of product is an expectation. It's why some of the biggest, best, and hardest to please firms throughout New England and beyond have used our company. No matter the corporate size our efforts are always the same - that amount which gets the job done.

James W. Herlihy has written numerous articles about executive benefit plans which have been published in the “Journal of the American Society of CLU & ChFC”, “HR Magazine”, “Independent Banker”, and “Compensation & Benefits Management”.

"Realm of the Last Inch"

"Now listen to the rule of the last inch. The realm of the last inch. The job is almost finished, the goal almost attained, everything possible seems to have been achieved, every difficulty overcome - and yet the quality is just not there. The work needs more finish, perhaps further research. In this moment of weariness and self-satisfaction, the temptation is greatest to give up, not to strive for the peak of quality.

That's the realm of the last inch - here the work is very, very complex but it's also particularly valuable because it's done with the most perfect means. The rule of the last inch is simply this - because otherwise your mind loses touch with that realm. And not to mind how much time you spend on it, because the aim is not to finish the job quickly but to reach perfection."

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn